Our Story

Having traversed the corporate landscape for over two decades initiating, nurturing and sustaining relationships across multiple industries that include the Finance Sector, Broadcast and Print Media and Communications industry, our partners took a leap of faith. We knew we had the skills, creative edge and experience to deliver but we also knew that wasn’t enough! We concluded based on past experiences we will only promise what we can deliver and have the courage to turn down what we cannot! This is why OUR PROMISES mean the world to us. If you value promises, you will enjoy working with us!


Our Creative Edge

We conduct an extensive and detailed
audit of your brand.

We seek to understand your business imperative and
pain points and ask how communications can help.

We develop a plan for execution and measure
against agreed objectives.

Our Promise

It is quite simple, keeping our promise is engrained
in our core belief system.

If you value PROMISES, you will enjoy
working with us.

We tell you what we can do and we have the
courage to tell you what we cannot do!

Our Approach


Our Core Values


Leadership Team

Our team of dedicated consultants operate within specialist areas but combine in-depth
knowledge of the local market with deep insights to deliver the required support for our clients

Tosin Adefeko

Managing Partner - Lead PR & Events

BA,(Hons) English & Lit Studies, Abuja.
MA, Marketing Communications UK.
Experienced in communications strategy, crisis communications, event conception, planning & execution

George Ugbegua

Partner – Lead, Digital Media and Analytics

BSc, (Hons) Information & Communications.
Technology – 1st Class, Ajayi Crowther.
Experienced in Digital Analytics, Online reputation management, Digital campaign development and Platform development.

Olusegun A. Adekanye

Partner - Lead, Content and creative design

BA, (Hons) Architecture UK.
Fotograf - Berlin.
20+ years in Architecture and photography from the UK, Denmark, Germany among others. He brings his wealth of experience and knack for high quality solutions to the team.

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