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We have the right resources, ideas, solutions and partnerships to create, curate and maintain positive influence on your reputation

Public Relations Consultancy

Every interaction we have affects our reputation; so as long as you exist it does not matter whether you act or not – you have a reputation. In this always-on world, the ease with which information is transmitted has far reaching outcomes on reputation; it has never been more important to ensure the message you wish to send about your brand or institution is understood by the specific stakeholder groups you wish to reach.

Reputation remains one of the most precious assets in the life of any human or business. Hence, consistent action that embodies the characteristics you want others to associate with you needs to be taken. That is why listening to what your community is saying about you is as important as the messages you broadcast.

First, you must earn your reputation by keeping your brand promise. Then, you must communicate what you did to earn that reputation. Hence the importance of receiving trusted advice that will ensure you as an individual or corporate are perceived in the way you wish to cannot be over-emphasized.

Our consultants are highly skilled in communications planning, Analyst and Influencer relations, crisis management and stakeholder management. We are the primary resource to support you on this journey.

Events Consultancy

At our practice we don’t do events for the sake of doing events, we believe events are an opportunity to generate meaningful interactions with your stakeholders. So, we propose and conceive ideas and themes as relevant to your objectives and subsequently plan and manage all logistics, drive attendance by supporting your guestlist with our robust database and networks; we basically provide end to end solutions to the success of your event. Our Media arm is also on standby should there be a need to leverage the event in the media on or offline.

Our experience in this area of our practice is quite extensive – from annual lectures, to book launches, product launches, conferences, private stakeholder dinners, HNI gatherings, anniversary celebrations to press events we have you covered. Visit our gallery to see some special moments.

Media Consultancy


Why does anyone need to connect? As the popular saying goes- “No man is an island”.

Because we fundamentally care that the right connections are made whether by creating content that resonates, using social media to your advantage or creating an event for engagement we ensure the desired connections are made and sustained.

We know the right channels whether off or online and we extend your messages to the right platforms. Our media consultants also understand that we live in an ever changing business environment so using the power of the media they can help you navigate the policy and regulatory clime with your stakeholders. Media training a key component to help your spokespersons prepare adequately ahead of the need to engage is also one of our key capabilities.